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About Monster Power

Our product range has been carefully selected based on quality and functionality, to give you peace of mind should you ever need them.

Monster Power Jump starters have proven reliability, a versatile multifunctional tools with 3 main functions jumpstart, charging electronics and providing light and the range is now complimented by a 12V compressor and a Blue-tooth battery monitor system, for ultimate piece of mind.


Monster Power Jump Starter Powerbank


Powerful power bank designed to charge devices, supply light and jump start car.

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• LED display: Power level, Output voltage, Real-time current detection
• Advanced 4 cell battery technology
• Emergency power source 12V
• Charge mobile phone, camera, USB device
• LED light featuring SOS modes
• Jumpstart start 12V petrol and diesel cars, motorcycles and boats
• Built-in protection, short circuit protection, thermal protection and reverse connected protection
• USB-C, Micro-USB and Lightning cable charger cable included.
• Certificated European Standard Adapter 18V/1A Certified
• 1 year warranty
• 600A peak current means you can jumpstart up to 3.2L cars

– Size: 158mm (H) X 75mm (W) X 31mm (L)
– Lithium Cobalt Battery (Lico O2)
– Start current: 450A
– Peak current: 600A
– Battery capacity: 10400mAh/38.48Wh
– Advanced 4 Cell battery
– Input: 18V – 1A
– Output: USB1 output:5V 1A USB 2 output:5V/2.1A USB 3 output:5V/2.1A
– Operating temperature: -10ºC – +50ºC
– LED: 100LW
– Cycle life: 1000 times

Our Customer Reviews

 by Stalky on PowerAll
Just great!

Bought two of these 2 years ago. I have used them many times as we have cars that are seldom used and frequently have run down batteries. Instant restart every time. One of the cables died and on contacting Colin I sent him an email with my details to send me an invoice and banking details to get a new one. When reply was not received, I phoned him again and he was so upset that I had not heard from him, he couriered a new cable to me at no charge. Arrived the next morning from Cate Town. Outstanding service!!

 by Lee on PowerAll
Excellent Product

Wow....really happy with this product!

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